A Big Ad During a Big Game


You may have heard there was a big football game last weekend? It was a game for the ages – especially for the New England Patriots. (What a comeback!)

For many people, the commercials are just as, or maybe even more, important than the game itself. One of those commercials was presented by API, the American Petroleum Institute. Titled “Power Past Impossible” it provides a creative and fast-paced look at the ways that oil impacts our lives and benefits society. In case you missed it:

We will be seeing more ads as part of the multi-year, nationwide Power Past Impossible program. Campaign themes include:

Power Past Impossible: Oil – Bold visuals show how oil is integrated into products consumers use now and will use in the future.

Power Past Impossible: Natural Gas – Dynamically captures the positive and surprising ways natural gas adds value to our daily lives.

API also launched PowerPastImpossible.org to provide further information on how our daily lives are touched by natural gas and oil. You can also follow Power Past Impossible on Facebook and Twitter.


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