A Bird's-eye View of Conservation


Conservation work, such as strategic migratory bird projects, helps us learn about ecosystems near our operations while developing local relationships. Understanding and tracking bird migration is crucial for conserving habitats that are essential to species survival. Migrating birds are known as an “indicator species” — their issues foretell other problems within the ecosystem and provide an opportunity to mitigate potential risks. By supporting research, we also help address missing or inconclusive scientific data needed for sound development of related regulation and policy.

In North America, more than a third of bird species are at risk of extinction, according to a 2016 study by the North American Bird Conservation Initiative. The study is the first of its kind to look at the vulnerability of bird populations in Canada, the United States and Mexico. It found that 37 percent of the 1,154 species on the continent need urgent conservation action. (You can read the study here.) Our support focuses on the restoration of ecosystems and habitats, particularly those focused on high-priority North American migratory species. We also support innovative conservation technologies and techniques in areas where we operate as shown in the map below. These efforts are part of our Water & Biodiversity Stewardship signature program. Read more about those here.



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