A continued commitment to safe and environmentally responsible operations throughout the life of each well

Our commitment to safe and environmentally responsible operations continues throughout the life of each well, typically in operation for 20 to 30 years. Each site must meet our internal engineering standards and operating and process integrity requirements. Alarms and relief systems are regularly tested, and personnel are trained to operate facilities responsibly. We maintain a safe and secure work environment to protect ourselves, our contractors and the community. We comply with all applicable regulations and laws and work with local communities on issues important to them.

We use proven and innovative technologies to safely and responsibly produce oil and natural gas in a wide range of geologic settings, including some of the world’s most challenging areas. Onshore, we’re growing our production in North America by combining two technologies – horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing. Offshore, we’re implementing systems that allow us to operate, monitor and maintain stability of a platform remotely from anywhere in the world, while focusing on technologies that enable us to optimize production and operate safely.

Closure and Restoration

At the end of the productive life of a well, we meet stringent site-closure requirements and file appropriate documentation with government authorities to preserve the location and details of the well closure for future reference.