America’s Pastime and Petroleum Products


Though the smallest baseball players have traded the sandlot for school, the bigger (professional) boys of summer have advanced to playoff season. Here in Houston, we are thrilled about our Astros winning the American League West division title and are excited for the championship series. Regardless of your team affiliation, natural gas and oil products play a notable role in the success of your favorite franchise. The lush turf that serves as the stage for America’s game is nourished by fertilizer made from petroleum products, and the bleachers, lights, and parking lots were all constructed with petroleum byproducts. If you prefer a cold beverage or some nachos while cheering on your favorite team, it’s likely to be served in polycarbonate plastic, which is made from natural gas and oil byproducts. The players are also impacted by petroleum products – their high-performance uniforms, cleats and protective gear such as helmets are all made from them.

From the National League, to the American League, from east to west, products derived from natural gas and oil are a significant part of the baseball season. They serve as the building blocks for thousands of products used every game, everywhere. They also fuel the planes, trains, and automobiles that transport us to watch America’s pastime. #goAstros

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