Big gift, bigger impact


Donating $1 million to Ducks Unlimited in support of the ongoing restoration of Louisiana wetlands may seem like an odd project for a natural gas and oil company. But, as the largest private wetlands owner in the U.S., we think it makes perfect sense. We’ve supported Ducks Unlimited initiatives for more than 20 years and have allocated more than $6.8 million to wetlands restoration efforts since 2012. In addition to habitat protection for several species of concern, these projects also focus on habitat restoration. Programs like mangrove planting also help protect and reclaim acres of property that are essential to slowing hurricane surge and reducing storm-related flooding. This helps:

  • Protect the nation’s seafood, maritime trade, and oil and gas industries
  • Protect local home and business investments
  • Increase the quality of commercial and recreational fishing

These efforts align with our commitment to create enduring social, economic and environmental value wherever we operate. (You can read more about our sustainability approach here and more about our previous work in Louisiana here.)

“As the largest land owner in the area, ConocoPhillips is committed to playing a key role in the restoration and preservation of the Louisiana wetlands,” said Don Hrap, president, ConocoPhillips Lower 48 business unit. “We recognize the land is a crucial habitat for many species of wildlife and our wetlands conservation efforts not only preserve the land’s ability to protect and nourish that wildlife, but also provide benefits to the local community. We are pleased to continue our long history of collaboration with Ducks Unlimited.”

This video provides an overview of our efforts:

ConocoPhillips, through its subsidiary, The Louisiana Land and Exploration Company LLC, owns approximately 600,000 acres of wetland properties in southeast Louisiana. We partner with a number of local and state organizations, including Ducks Unlimited, to work on projects in the wetlands.

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