Broadening our Perspective: Power in Cooperation in 2022

Thanks to you, 2021 was another productive year for Power in Cooperation. I’m pleased to say that members of the community continued advocating for smart energy policy solutions. Most recently, that meant speaking out against tax proposals that could increase costs for American families and jeopardize our energy security. More than 1,000 Power in Cooperation advocates contacted their representatives and made their voices heard. Such impressive levels of engagement will be crucial as we look ahead to 2022 and the challenges we may face.

Looking Forward

Speaking of the new year, I have exciting news to share. I’ve transitioned to a new role with the ConocoPhillips Low-Carbon Technologies organization. It’s an exciting job, collaborating with some of the brightest people I know, who are all working to address climate-related risks by reducing our emissions and evaluating and developing potential business opportunities for the energy transition. These include carbon capture, use and storage (CCUS), nature-based carbon offsets, and hydrogen production.

In future Power in Cooperation messages, you will hear from several other ConocoPhillips colleagues who will offer their perspectives on key energy issues. Starting in January, the newly named Energy Insights blog will feature these new voices.

Next year will also be very important for American energy. Your continued advocacy will be essential as the nation prepares for the Congressional midterms, a number of state elections, and new policy challenges.

On behalf of the entire team, thank you again for your ongoing support and participation in Power in Cooperation. Together, we can offer an informed voice on important policy issues and work to build a more sustainable American energy future.

On a final note, have a safe and happy holiday season, filled with all the joy this time of year brings.