Our Approach to Water Use

Freshwater is an essential resource for communities, businesses and ecosystems. Global population growth will increase demand for freshwater and all users – domestic, agriculture, commercial and industry – will need to effectively manage limited supplies to meet growing demands.

We are committed to the development of water management practices that conserve and protect freshwater resources and enhance the efficiency of water utilization at our facilities. We continually measure and assess our use of freshwater to better manage our consumption and strive to reduce the potential environmental impact associated with our water use.

Where applicable, we evaluate recycling and reuse of water associated with our operations. As part of the effort to reduce the need for freshwater, we lead the following efforts:

  • Pursue opportunities to conserve freshwater through alternative approaches to freshwater use and fund research aimed at reducing freshwater consumption. This work includes a pilot project to reclaim flow-back and produced water through reverse osmosis in some of our business units.
  • Seek to employ economically and operationally feasible alternatives to freshwater.
  • Assess, measure and monitor our freshwater usage.
  • Work collaboratively with government agencies to identify and permit appropriate water sources for well operations.