Election 2022: Vote for American Energy

By: Kevin J. Avery, ConocoPhillips Vice President, Federal Government Affairs

The world energy market has been destabilized by a perfect storm of geopolitical events, with the Russian invasion of Ukraine disrupting the flow of resources during a time of rising global economic growth and energy demand. Fortunately, the United States is not empty handed in confronting these challenges. Our resource abundance can help rebalance today’s tight market, while enhancing our own supply security and supporting our allies through energy exports.

Perhaps now more than ever, domestic natural gas and oil production is crucial to maintaining our country’s economic and energy security. In light of this, it’s especially crucial that our elected leaders understand the importance of American oil and gas. As the 2022 elections near, we are all in a position to influence the future of American energy – who we elect to lead our nation will set the stage for our energy future.

The saying “every vote counts” may seem cliché, but it is undeniably true. Elections, particularly at the local level, are often decided by the smallest of margins. Because of this, it’s vital that every person gets out to vote and make their voice heard.

With less than 20 days until Election Day, please remember, your vote can make a difference. Do the research. Know your candidates at the local, state and federal levels. If you haven’t already, register to vote. And this year, make it clear to all those running: Americans are voting to protect our energy future.

By participating in the electoral process, you are doing more than casting a vote – you are supporting a vision for the future of our industry. Every election, and every vote, is a chance to advance that vision.

No matter who is elected, we remain committed to maintaining our reputation as a credible, trusted voice on energy issues. To learn more, visit Power in Cooperation. And for important voting information, visit the Vote 2022 page: