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Join a group of people who know firsthand how energy is making a difference every day both in our local communities and for our nation. Become a member of Power in Cooperation today and tell us why energy matters to you!

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Welcome to the Power in Cooperation Community!

At ConocoPhillips we believe that oil and natural gas are essential to our way of life. Finding and producing enough energy to meet the world’s needs raises important questions. We hope those questions and concerns can be addressed through transparency and open dialogue.

Our employees, retirees, vendors, contractors and people in communities where we operate are working hard to make a difference for our country. They know that smart energy policies are important to build healthy, vibrant communities nationwide, and they are making their voices heard.

Through Power in Cooperation we are coming together to share stories and support safe and responsible oil and natural gas production. This is an opportunity to seek common ground and champion collaboration and cooperation over conflict.

We look forward to working together to create jobs, economic growth, a healthy environment and vibrant communities through smart energy choices.

Meet some of the members of our Power in Cooperation community and see why energy matters to them, then submit your own story to become one of the faces of energy.

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Meet some members of our Power in Cooperation community and see why energy matters to them. Then join the group and help us promote responsible natural gas and oil policies.


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