Holidays and tough topics of conversation


American families and friends will soon gather around the table to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. Some will enjoy a traditional meal of turkey, potatoes, and pumpkin pie. Others will feast on tamales, or even freshly caught trout. However, one near-constant in all of these holiday gatherings will be spirited conversation – and discussion invariably seems to venture towards controversial topics.

That’s where Power in Cooperation can help. While your cousin’s friend’s neighbor may know a guy who is certain that nearby fracking operations impacted his pond, the reality is that hydraulic fracturing occurs thousands of feet below groundwater aquifers. (Proof can be found here.) If your family is the overachieving type that will mix politics and money, we’ve also got the latest on the tax reform plan. (Read more here.) And while climate change concerns are complicated, we do have a list of “5 important things to know” to support informed discussion. Though we may not be able to solve the age-old “dressing” vs. “stuffing” debate, answers to most questions about natural gas and oil can be found by reading Power in Cooperation. You can even share the content on social media so that relatives from afar can join the conversation.

Happy Thanksgiving from Power in Cooperation!


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