Introducing Energy Insights

Power in Cooperation is pleased to announce the launch of a new blog: Energy Insights. The blog will focus on addressing the challenges, conversations and innovations that are shaping the future of American energy.

This year promises to be significant for the natural gas and oil industry, energy consumers and our nation. As we head into the Congressional midterm and state elections, energy security, methane regulations, taxes, energy exports and other pressing issues will continue to play out on the national stage.

Energy Insights will address these issues and more. We’ll discuss energy in our everyday lives and the important role natural gas and oil will play in the energy transition. We’ll also be tracking important elections at all levels – keeping Power in Cooperation members informed and involved in the defining moments.

Additionally, we’ll share perspectives from ConocoPhillips leaders who work at the intersection of operations, innovation and public policy. Be on the lookout for featured contributors including Kevin Avery, who leads our federal government affairs work and Scott Kidwell, who leads our engagement with stakeholders and oversees state governments affairs in our Lower 48 business unit.

Kevin Avery

Scott Kidwell

Looking Ahead

The 2022 elections will be important for our country, with results influencing the American energy landscape for years to come. We’ll be closely analyzing the election results that impact our industry, company, employees and energy consumers.

Throughout the year, you can access voter resources and stay up to date on election information here.

Against the backdrop of a quickly evolving policy landscape – and especially during an election year – your advocacy is crucial. Our collective voice as a Power in Cooperation community brings needed focus to the energy policy issues being debated across the country. Power in Cooperation is committed to being a trusted voice on the decisions that will shape our energy future.

We’re excited to kick off another year, working with advocates like you who understand the power of using your voice to make a difference. Thank you for your continued support.