The U.S. is now the world’s largest producer of oil and natural gas, thanks in part to New Mexico’s ongoing production. This steady supply helps keep gasoline, diesel, natural gas and electricity prices low; stimulates economic activity; contributes to the U.S. manufacturing renaissance and creates jobs in New Mexico and across the country. As the top producer in New Mexico with a long history in the area, ConocoPhillips provides a stable energy supply for the state while fueling economic growth.

“We’ve been operating safely, efficiently and responsibly in New Mexico for over 50 years and place a high priority on protecting people and the environment,” said Development and Integration Supervisor, Austin Thayer. Our operations in New Mexico’s San Juan Basin, one of the largest U.S. natural gas fields, represent more than a quarter of our company’s Lower 48 production and nearly 10 percent of our worldwide volumes. Our Global Onshore Well Management Principles apply throughout the life cycle of a well, from discussions with local communities before drilling site selection to the permanent closure of a well and final restoration of the land. As a company, we’ve voluntarily taken proactive steps to operate more safely, efficiently and responsibly, including reducing our emissions in San Juan.

“We take a lot of pride in what we do, as evidenced by our efforts to reduce our emissions. And, as the largest producer in the basin, we’re proud to be a good neighbor in the community,” said Senior Environmental Coordinator, Clara Cardoza. According to Christi Zeller, Executive Director of the La Plata County Energy Council in Durango Colorado, ConocoPhillips has been a great partner in implementing the Good Neighbor Pledge.

“The industry cooperates together, cost shares and maintains 147 miles of private roads in La Plata County. Response to landowners, complying with Rules and Regulations with the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission and Bureau of Land Management is accomplished with this voluntary program.” If the oil and gas industry is doing well, the county is doing well,” said Audra Winters, president and CEO of the Farmington Chamber of Commerce. “Workers in the energy industry spend their money in the town’s restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations, hospitals and other service-related businesses. In addition, they purchase homes and automobiles in the area.”