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The world energy mix is in transition. Decisions made today – by both energy consumers as well as the natural gas and oil industry – will determine future energy sources, global resource abundance and affordability, and the role we play in addressing climate change.

Power in Cooperation exists to build common ground around smart energy solutions. It is an advocacy community made up of ConocoPhillips employees, retirees, partners, neighbors and friends.  Our members have invaluable experiences and insights. They are well-equipped to participate in the public debate about finding realistic answers to our toughest energy challenges. And the information we share can help shape public opinion and government policy.



Advocacy is most effective when we work together and your views on energy have never been more important. Your knowledge about the real-world implications of proposed policies and regulations can be the key to informing others about complex energy issues. We believe that advocacy is not just for a select few, but for everyone. Bringing disparate voices together in support of balanced solutions speaks volumes to elected officials working to serve their constituencies.

Power in Cooperation makes advocacy easier by providing resources to help you learn and engage in multiple ways, whether through social media, attending community events or communicating directly with legislators on policy proposals that impact you personally. Power in Cooperation gives members a platform to make a difference. Together, we are more powerful.

Get connected!  Meet JD, the leader of the ConocoPhillips Federal and State Government Affairs team, to find out how we work together to make a difference.