Partnering to Improve Environmental Performance


We are proud to announce our involvement in The Environmental Partnership, a new coalition of natural gas and oil companies focused on accelerating environmental performance improvements from operations across the U.S.

“The first program of The Environmental Partnership is focused on managing methane emissions. It aligns with our company focus on reducing emissions and maintaining high environmental standards as we supply the energy needed to drive economic growth and social well-being,” said Don Hrap, ConocoPhillips Lower 48 President. The 25 participating companies will begin implementing the voluntary program January 1, 2018.

The Environmental Partnership’s first initiative includes:

  1. Leak Program for Natural Gas and Oil Production Sources: Participants will implement monitoring and timely repair of fugitive emissions at selected sites utilizing detection methods and technologies such as Method 21 or Optical Gas Imaging cameras.
  2. Program to Replace, Remove or Retrofit High-Bleed Pneumatic Controllers: Participants will phase out high-bleed pneumatic controllers and install low-or zero-emitting devices.
  3. Program for Manual Liquids Unloading for Natural Gas Production Sources: Participants will minimize emissions associated with the removal of liquids that, as a well ages, can build up and restrict natural gas flow as a well ages.

While natural gas production increased 55 percent from 1990-2015, the natural gas and oil industry has reduced methane emissions from natural gas production 16.3 percent. Additionally, U.S. carbon emissions from energy consumption in 2016 were at their lowest level since 1992, partially due to greater natural gas use in electricity generation. The Environmental Partnership seeks to accelerate emissions reductions even further. Natural gas and oil companies of all sizes have pledged to further improve environmental performance by working with stakeholders and sharing best practices.

“Successful voluntary efforts by industry are the basis for regulatory regimes that are durable and sustainable over time,” said John Dabbar, ConocoPhillips Vice President, Federal and State Government Affairs. “The Environmental Partnership provides a mechanism for companies to share cost effective emission reducing innovations to deliver industry focus and action.”

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