Willow Letter Template


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I have been a ConocoPhillips employee for XX years. I am writing to support responsible development of energy resources on the North Slope and encourage the BLM to approve the Willow project.

I am proud of our commitment to safe and responsible energy development.


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ConocoPhillips has a legacy of responsible operations on the North Slope to protect, and this remains our top priority with current and future projects.

As the largest oil producer in Alaska, ConocoPhillips has demonstrated an ongoing commitment to responsibly developing energy resources, providing economic opportunity for Alaskans, operating at the highest standards of safety and environmental stewardship and serving as good corporate citizens.

ConocoPhillips plans to invest between $4 and $6 billion in the project and it could produce over 100,000 barrels of oil per day. The development has the potential to create thousands of construction jobs, hundreds of permanent jobs and contribute substantial revenue to federal, state and local entities.

The Willow development would also help meet the primary purpose of the National Petroleum Reserve, which is petroleum production to serve energy requirements of our country.


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ConocoPhillips has consistently proven that it can operate on the North Slope of Alaska responsibly and in an environmentally sustainable manner.

I encourage you to support the Draft EIS for Willow.