Taking Action on Climate-Related Risks


At ConocoPhillips, we safely find and produce natural gas and oil, delivering reliable and affordable energy to the world. We recognize that human activity is contributing to increased concentration of greenhouse gas (GHG) in the atmosphere that can lead to adverse changes in global climate and we aspire to be a leader in climate-related risk management.

This leadership includes:

GHG EMISSION INTENSITY TARGET. We set a long-term target to reduce the GHG emissions intensity of our operations. Our GHG Emission Intensity Target is to achieve a 5 to 15 percent reduction in GHG emissions intensity by 2030, against a 2017 baseline. Since 2009, we have carried out voluntary emissions reduction projects that have reduced GHG emissions by almost 7 million tonnes CO2e per year. Our 2017 Sustainability Report gives more details about our GHG Emission Intensity Target implementation plan.

CLIMATE CHANGE ACTION PLAN. We have a Climate Change Action Plan, which includes proactive management of climate-related risks, impacts and opportunities. This plan has five focus areas:

  • Understanding footprint
  • Managing operations and projects
  • Managing risks and opportunities
  • Engaging externally
  • Building capacity

As we manage the challenges and opportunities inherent in our operations, we have chosen to proactively address climate-related risks.

Want to learn more?

The Climate Change section of our website outlines our approach to climate-related risk.

  • Learn about our perspective on future energy, including a clear statement of our position and policy principles on climate change.
  • Find out more about our climate change strategy.
  • Read about how we are engaging in constructive public policy dialogue so we can work with federal, state/provincial and local governments to address climate-related risks.

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