The Power of You


Smart energy policies are important to build healthy, vibrant communities nationwide. But can one person influence local and national energy policies – and does one voice even matter?

The answer is YES. One voice can make all the difference.

The power of one voice is what energy advocacy is all about.


  • Be informed about energy issues and communicate with your elected officials.
  • Encourage your elected officials to support responsible natural gas and oil development that meets global energy needs while spurring economic growth in communities.
  • Share your knowledge and passion about how energy powers our lives in countless ways with your family, friends, and coworkers and encourage them to participate too.

Advocacy doesn’t take a lot of time.
 Here’s how it works: one person speaks out – that one person tells a few friends, and they tell a few more, and soon it spreads through a neighborhood, a town, a state, and eventually a nation. And it all starts with someone like you. 

Are you interested in learning more about public policies that impact your world?

Become involved in our community and make an impact! It’s time for you to get in the loop! 


Energy is all around us and essential to living our daily lives. From the smartphones we use every day, to the electricity we use to heat and cool our homes, energy helps us do everything big and small.

We understand energy issues are complex and prompt many questions. Power in Cooperation is a community of ConocoPhillips employees, people interested in the natural gas and oil industry, and people in communities where we operate. Our online resources bring you fact-based educational materials where you can learn about natural gas and oil, and stay current on real-time energy issues. Power in Cooperation brings people together to seek common ground, champion collaboration, and work to support smart energy policies.



  • Share your personal experiences about why energy matters to you. Tell us why you support energy innovation and policies that promote the safe and environmentally responsible production of natural gas and oil. Submit your story and become one of our Faces of Energy.
  • Take action. Each year, Congress and state legislatures consider thousands of bills – many of which impact natural gas and oil policies. Members of Congress and legislators need to hear your thoughts. Power in Cooperation keeps you up-to-date on energy issues and allows you to utilize our technology to easily reach out to your legislators to share your knowledge and opinions.
  • Tell your friends and family about energy issues. Being part of our community gives more power to your voice, and when many voices join together, your message can bring positive change.

Share your thoughts with us.