Working Together for a Sustainable Energy Future

During my almost 40 years working in the oil and gas sector, I have come to thoroughly understand and appreciate the effort that goes into providing affordable and reliable energy for American homes and businesses. I have also witnessed the ability of the energy industry to work with federal, state and local governments to find common-ground solutions. As energy policy evolves, this kind of collaboration is crucial to building a sustainable energy future.

As our nation works to recover from the global pandemic, it is important that we continue our work in advocating for smart policies to rebuild our economy. We cannot afford policies like higher taxes and restrictions on energy development that could slow economic recovery. Higher taxes will increase costs for American families and jeopardize good-paying jobs. More restrictions on the development of U.S. resources would shift economic and political benefits to other countries. Instead, our leaders should focus on policies that will unlock the potential of essential American industries and make our nation more competitive with the rest of the world.

It takes a chorus of voices to relay important messages to policymakers and Power in Cooperation is a key voice in that chorus. Advocates like you are essential as we express support for policies that protect jobs, our economy and the environment. Here are some ways you can help:

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